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TicketSwap Debt Collection

Were you planning on attending a party or festival this year, and did you use TicketSwap to obtain your ticket? Then you will probably have experienced a cancellation due to COVID-19. It could also mean there might have been issues getting back the money you paid for these tickets. Starting a debt collection procedure against the seller of your ticket(s) could ensure that you get your money back.

If you want the value of your ticket reimbursed, you could try debt collection from Incassocenter.

  • We will start a debt collection procedure against the ticketseller
  • The whole procedure takes around 5 weeks
  • You will risk no more than €20,-
  • If the seller of the ticket fully reimburses us, you will receive your money back completely free of charge 
  • You will work with a trusted partner in the field of debt collection

Want to start a TicketSwap Debt Collection procedure?

Do you want to be reimbursed for your ticket? Enter your information in the contact form down below. We will then start the procedure immediately.

*We will confirm the start of your procedure as soon as we have received all the necessary information from TicketSwap. Please keep in mind this could take up to three working days.

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